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ResMed VPAP™ Malibu

Product Code: RSM26201
Manufacturer: ResMed  |  Manufacturer Part #: 26201
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Requires Prescription
Requires Prescription
This product is for reference only.
Sold to US Residence Only: Yes
HCPCS Insurance Code: E0470
Warranty: 2-Years
Would you like to order this product?
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Would you like to order this product?
Chat or email us.
 Malibu makes it easy
ResMed’s VPAP™ Malibu is the premium auto-adjusting bilevel device in the VPAP series.
Designed for use in the home or sleep center, it is ideally suited for noncompliant continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) users or patients who have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and a medical condition that requires additional pressure support.
The VPAP Malibu’s carefully selected default settings and auto-adjusting VSet™ mode mean that one-touch setup is all that is needed for many patients. The AutoSet™ algorithm will adjust to the patient's varying pressure needs to prevent most apneic and snoring events.
The VPAP Malibu combines ResMed's most advanced technologies to achieve the ultimate in comfortable treatment. The smooth pressure waveform from the VPAP Adapt SV™ makes breathing feel more natural, and the Malibu's VSet mode uses AutoSet technology to automatically adjust to a patient's pressure needs on a breath-by-breath basis.
ResMed's VPAP Malibu is the premium treatment for noncompliant OSA. Equipped with three modes (VSet, spontaneous and CPAP), it is also the most versatile flow generator in the market and can be connected to the following devices: ResLink™, HumidAire 2i™, ResScan™ and ResControl II™.
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