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ResMed S9 Escape™ w/H5i™ & ClimateLine™ Tube Bundle

Product Code: RSM36021
Manufacturer: ResMed  |  Manufacturer Part #: 36021
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Requires Prescription
Requires Prescription
Sold to US Residence Only: Yes
HCPCS Insurance Code: E0601+E0562
Warranty: 2-Years
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                     S9’s enhanced Easy-Breathe motor eliminates noise, creating a quiet and peaceful environment for you and your bed partner.

Intuitive Design

                     Sophisticated technology combines with novel user-friendly controls in a stylish new design that departs dramatically from its predecessors.

In a class of its own

Market research has shown that patients do not like the medical look of standard sleep apnea devices. With its sleek contours and compact size, the S9 looks as natural at your bedside as a clock radio.

Easy-to-use features

Push Dial
The user interface on the S9 Series is both simple and intuitive.
With four clearly marked buttons and a large, color display, adjusting settings has never been easier.

Simple menu functionality

An intuitive interface makes it a breeze to adjust settings and customize levels:
  • Turn push dial until the parameter you require is displayed in blue.
  • Press push dial. The selection is highlighted in orange.
  • Turn push dial until you see the setting that you require.
  • Press push dial to confirm your choice.

Enhanced AutoSet

                    The S9’s enhanced AutoSet algorithm now differentiates between obstructive and central sleep apneas (CSA) and responds appropriately. You can be confident that you're always receiving optimal therapy at the lowest, most comfortable pressure.

SlimLine Tube             

Exclusive to ResMed, the SlimLine small diameter air tube is the lightest tube available and eliminates tube drag.

Climate Control                                     

S9’s Climate Control system intelligently adapts to your environmental conditions and delivers optimal temperature and humidity right to the mask. It protects you from rainout without compromising humidity and provides the most comfortable therapy possible.

S9’s exclusive ClimateLine heated tube

The ClimateLine heated tube is the key technology in the Climate Control system.
It contains revolutionary technologies never before seen in CPAP tubing that enable the delivery of Climate Control and unsurpassed patient comfort.
The ClimateLine tube includes a sensitive heating circuit, which is automatically controlled by the Climate Control algorithm to deliver a constant comfortable temperature at the mask.
Located at the mask end of the tube, a sensor measures the temperature of the air leaving the tube.
Unique to ResMed, this feature offers complete temperature and comfort control.
ClimateLine Tube

Rainout protection without compromise

With traditional humidification systems, as the temperature in the room drops, so does the temperature of the air inside the tube. At lower temperatures, the amount of water vapor that can be held by the air decreases, and condensation (rainout) can form in the tube.
The ClimateLine tube maintains the temperature of the air delivered to the patient. This ensures that rainout is avoided even if the temperature in the room drops during the night.
By keeping the air temperature in the tube constant, the Climate Control system can automatically adjust to changes in ambient conditions to maintain a constant, comfortable humidity level. Rainout is avoided without needing to reduce the humidity delivered.

Set and forget

Because the system measures temperature at the mask, the temperature you feel will remain at your preferred setting, regardless of changes in ambient temperature or humidity.

Smaller, slimmer, sleeker

The ClimateLine heated tube offers increased flexibility, more sleeping comfort and less mask drag.
Product Features:
  • New whisper-quiet operation is 75% quieter than before.
  • New Easy-Breathe technology - ResMed's revolutionary new therapy system.
  • New and improved EPR with Easy-Breathe for enhanced patient breathing comfort.
  • Usage-based compliance download for accurate patient monitoring.
  • Data card - a standard feature included for easy two-way data transfer.
  • Automatic altitude and leak compensation.
  • Small, lightweight system with Personal Assistant.
  • Includes new EPR (expiratory pressure relief) mode which drops pressure on exhalation so breathing feels more “natural.
  • Choice of fixed CPAP or EPR mode for maximum comfort with control.
  • Personal Assistant: Customizable reminders for accessory replacements and provider callbacks Automatic data back-up.
  • LCD communication during interaction.
  • ResScan Data Card capable: Daily compliance downloads with AutoScan software, Personal Assistant reminders.
  • Usage days for the 365 days of most recent sessions (5-nights of detailed history) available locally and remotely via PC application.
  • SmartStart/Stop ramp.
  • Automatic on/off, just take a breath to start the CPAP.
  • Housing construction, flame retardant engineering thermoplastic.
  • Air filter, two-layered, powder-bonded polyester non-woven fiber.
  • Warranty, S9 2-years, H5i Humidifier 1-year.

  • Pressure range: 4 to 20 cm H2O (± 1 cm H2O increments).
  • Pressure adjustment: 0.5 cm H2O.
  • Ramp time: 0 to 45 min.± 1 min. (5-min. increments).
  • Ramp start pressure: 4 to CPAP pressure.
  • Minimum sound level: < 24 dba at 1 meter.
  • Operating Altitude: Up to 8,500 ft (2,591 m).

Physical Characteristics:
  • Size: 3.25 H x 11.25 W x 6.0 D inches (8.3 x 28.6 x 15.2 cm).
  • Weight: 3.35 lb (1,520 g).

Power Characteristics:
  • Power Supply: Input Range (auto-ranging): 100 - 240V, 50 - 60 Hz.
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 50 W without Humidifier.
  • Battery: ResMed Only RSM33942 DC Converter Cable must be used with any 12 Vdc power source. Note: the Humidifier will not heat when connected to a 12 VDC source.
  • Inverter: Minimum 200 Watts will allow for the Heated Humidifier to operate. The inverter will reduce battery capacity by 30% or more due to inherent inefficiency.

Environmental Requirements:
  • Operating Temperature: +41°F to +95°F (+5°C to +35°C) , 10% to 95% relative humidity (RH), non-condensing.
  • Operating Altitude: 0 to 9,000 ft (2,743 m).
  • Operating Humidity: Between 10% and 95% noncondensing.

S9 Escape CPAP with H5i Humidifier, ClimateLine 6' 6" - 22mm Hose, 2 Disposable Air Filters, Carrying Bag, and Patient Manual.
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