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Everywhere Battery Monerator AH40 features 40Ah, 512 Wh

Product Code: CUAH40
Manufacturer: SoCal Solar  |  Manufacturer Part #: AH40
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Warranty: 1-Year
The All New, just introduced in the USA Gusto AH40 features 80 Watts, 480 Watt hours, Compact size, light weight, under 10 pounds, long service life, 8 outlets for AC & DC output, emergency power for any DC device, excellent DC Power Source for keeping your cell phone charged during power outages, featurs 3 - USB ports for immediate plug-in for cell phones, computers, chargers, fast, efficient charging either by 110 volt or solar panel which is included. Excellent source for emergency electricity during power outages.
Excellent source for CPAP camping either by tent or RV. This is a must for all households. This is the first time this has been offered in the USA. This Solar Power System will save you during your next time in the dark. You will love this handy 8 pound giant, the lithium battery power makes this unique and light to haul around. GO WITH THE "GUSTO" !!!!!

Product Features:
  • 3 Methods of 12 VDC Output - Cigarette Receptacle, 4 Barrel (2 A), 3 USB (2 A)
  • Additional 12 VDC Input
  • Solar Panel recharging
  • LED Light with 12 ft cord
  • Long lasting Lithium-ion (Li-FePO) performance up to 10 years
  • Compatible with both solar and AC charge
  • Superior temperature feature - excellent performance in low and high temp environments
  • Lightweight - save up to 60% weight and 30% volume compared to other lead acid or AGM batteries
  • Top notch safety record - safe chemical composition, plus multi-level protection design
  • CPAP with Heated Humidifier and direct 12 VDC connection - more than 48 Hours run time
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Pulse Oximetry Monitors go beyond conventional SpO2

The leader in this market is Masimo with their SET platform. Conventional pulse oximetry assumes that arterial blood is the only blood moving (pulsating) in the measurement site. During patient motion, the venous blood also moves, which causes conventional pulse oximetry to under-read because it cannot distinguish between the arterial and venous blood. Masimo SET signal processing identifies the venous blood signal, isolates it, and using adaptive filters, cancels the noise and extracts the arterial signal. It then reports the true arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

Monitoring Help Center

What is a Pulse Oximeter?
A pulse oximeter is a medical device that indirectly monitors the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood.
What is Pulse Oximetry?
Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive method allowing the monitoring of the oxygenation of a patient's hemoglobin.
What is an Oxygen Sensor?
An oxygen sensor, or lambda sensor, is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen (O2) in the gas or liquid being analyzed.