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Masimo's uSpO2™ Pulse Oximetry Kits for GE ApexPro

Manufacturer: Masimo
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Masimo's uSpO2™ Pulse Oximetry Cable Kit - For CH, T4 & T14 Transmitters
PN: MAS9476
Masimo's uSpO2™ Pulse Oximetry Cable Kit - For FH Transmitters
PN: MAS9477
PN: MAS2365
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PN: MAS2055
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PN: MAS2056
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Masimo's uSpO2™ is a "Board-in-Cable" external pulse oximetry solution that provides a simple way to add Masimo SET® pulse oximetry for devices that are not designed to have SpO2 integrated inside the device. The uSpO2™ cable embeds a Masimo MS-2040 circuit board within a completely self-contained cable that attaches to the patient sensor.
The uSpO2™ cable adapted for the GE ApexPro® Telemetry Systems provides full Masimo SET® pulse oximetry capabilities with proven accuracy during patient motion and low perfusion, while reducing Masimo's power consumption to approximately 60 milliwatts, which reflects a 97% reduction to initial SET® SpO2 platforms and a 52% reduction vs current SET® platforms.
Masimo's new uSpO2™ cable has been adapted to provide plug-and-play functionality with GE's ApexPro® Telemetry Systems. As a result, clinicians can upgrade their monitoring capabilities by purchasing Masimo's uSpO2™ cable for their GE ApexPro Telemetry System – without the cost of additional hardware or software. And for the hundreds of GE customers who have standardized on Masimo SET® SpO2 technology within their GE bedside monitors, the uSpO2™ cable enables standardization of SpO2 technology and sensors as patients transition between care areas—from bedside monitors in hospital rooms to patient-worn transmitters in ambulatory care areas. This measurement technology and sensor standardization can help healthcare providers reduce costs, while enhancing workflow, care processes, and efficiencies.
The uSpO2 cables are compatible with the following GE telemetry systems:
  • GE ApexPro CH
  • GE ApexPro FH
Based on the required GE connector there are two versions of the USpO2.
LNCS Adtx-3, LNCS Pdtx-3, LNCS Inf-3, LNCS-Neo-3 adhesive sensor sample.
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