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At CPAPUSA, we appreciate returning customers and extend our gratitude by making future purchases easier, better, and cheaper.

Our customers save huge with our Rewards and Loyalty Program.

How does the Rewards & Loyalty Program work?

  • Spend $1 & Get 1 Loyalty Point
  • Earn 40 Loyalty points & Get $1 credit on your next purchase

Yes! It is that simple. You can maximize your savings by accumulating more loyalty points on placing more orders. The loyalty points can be Saved or Spent – the decision is entirely yours!

Our loyalty points are a simple way to save on your CPAP investments!!!

Is there any pre-requisite to earn the loyalty points?

Yes. You must be a registered CPAPUSA user to earn and be able to spend the loyalty points on every order you place on our website. (Click here) if you do not have an account with us). Creating an account will help in faster checkout process, product recommendations, and benefit you with more loyalty points. Your details such as Credit Card number and expiration date will not be revealed or misused as this sensitive information is not saved on our servers.

How are my loyalty points added to my account?

When you log in to your account at our website, on every purchase you make the loyalty points will be added to your account AUTOMATICALLY and during checkout, you will always be provided with an option to use the loyalty points. You can either spend them or keep them for future orders.

Note: If you are not logged into your CPAPUSA account, you will not be able to earn or spend your loyalty points. So, remember to log in every time you order from CPAPUSA.

Where can I check my loyalty points?

When you log into your account, all your account related information will be displayed on the Accounts Overview page.

Important points to be remembered:–

  • The loyalty points earned expire within 180 days after credit.
  • The loyalty points do not carry any cash value and so cannot be redeemed in exchange for cash.
  • The loyalty points can be earned only on the value of the product and not on the shipping costs.
  • The loyalty points once redeemed cannot berefunded orre-allocated.
  • The loyalty points can only be redeemed while placing an order and not once the order is placed.
  • The loyalty points can be earned and redeemed at the sole discretion of CPAPUSA.