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About Us began 7 years ago in Ohio because the founder of the company, Mark Brinkerhoff, suffers from Sleep Apnea and was seeking a cure for his horrible snoring problem. was developed by conducting the proper research, talking with the right medical experts, and identifying the online demand for a true CPAP website from those who suffer from sleep disorders.

From the head of the organization to the customer service department that both secures and confirms your online orders, the entire team at is aware of the unique experience of those who suffer from Sleep Disorders.

Because of this, we have a heightened awareness of sleep disorders based on our own personal experiences and those shared by others.

The team at takes extra care in making sure that you, our customer, are completely satisfied with the products and service that you receive from our company, and we are committed to making sure that we help you in your journey to cure your sleep disorder.

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