Our Return Policy:

Due to the fact that these are medical products and customer confidence is important to us and our customers, our return policy has important requirements. will accept returns on most unopened product within 30 days of the original ship date. This does not apply to special order items or where the item is defined as being sold as is or non-returnable. Please note that any product that has been opened can not be returned.

We are happy to assist and discuss any purchase prior to shipment to make sure that you are confident you are selecting the product that meets your needs. We provide detailed product descriptions and additional product information to assist in the proper selection. In the case of some items such as CPAP masks we offer a Satisfaction Insurance to allow you to return a mask after you have worn it to allow you to select another mask.

If you decide to return an unopened product a 15% restocking and processing fee will be subtracted from the original cost. If you received free shipping on your order, the actual cost of shipping will also be deducted. If you did pay shipping charges on your order they will not be refundable.

If you feel that there is a manufacturing defect in workmanship or materials, you must first call and trouble shoot with our staff. If we cannot resolve the issue a RMA# will be issued and confirmed through email with additional instructions. Any associated shipping costs to return the product to is not covered in any warranty situation.

No credits or refunds will be issued until we have received the products into our facility and examined them for meeting the before mentioned requirements. The process may take up to two weeks. If the situation requires that you have an immediate product replacement a new order will be generated and processed with a payment and a credit will be issued on the returned product on the RMA# as described above.

Additional Product Qualifiers:

As was mentioned previously, medical products are personal in nature and therefore have more protection and are none returnable once the shipping parcel container has been opened regardless if they have been powered on or not. All CPAP/BiPAP/BiLevel/VPAP machines along with the Humidifiers are in this non-returnable category as well as some other products that will be marked on their associated product pages. does try to offer repair parts when available but does not supply service or diagnostic support. Repairs should only be attempted by those that feel they have the skills to complete the repair properly, and the perspective that they may have diagnosed the malfunction incorrectly and additional parts may need to be purchased if available. We do try to supply supporting information when available again as a convenience. These products are offered as a convenience and as an alternative to a more expensive repair or purchase of a new replacement. There parts are non-returnable if the packaging is opened.


How manufacturers handle their product warranties are different and repair or replacement is solely a decision of the manufacturer. All shipping between the customer. manufacturer and our facility are the responsibility of the customer. Depending on the product and manufacturer how they handle out of warranty repairs will vary and on how long they provide repair services for any given product model. Some manufacturers charge a flat repair fee or charge a diagnostic fee that maybe in addition to or included in the final repair costs. Some products have scheduled maintenance requirements and the manufacturer may have approved service providers. In addition, some manufacturers will only return the warranty or repaired product to our facility and not directly back to the customer.

If the product meets the above requirements for a return a call must be made to to receive a RMA# which will include all instructions for the return including the correct address, which may vary based on the situation.